Jordan in the husband gave his wife an unforgettable Eid on this Eid.

gold round coins on white surface

Before Eid, the month of Ramadan comes sacred in which Muslims arranges fasting. On this occasion, women in their homes arranges good luck for their families. According to a woman in Jordan, a woman in Jordan, and the whole of Ramadan prepared a luxury and an Iftar for her husband and family.

Inspired by the wife’s service, the Jordanian young man also rewarded his wife for his services and gave 30,000 dinars to the Eid -ul -Fitr on the occasion of Eid.

The Eid gifts given to the wife by the young man include 1500 dinars cash, 30 gold coins and wife relatives in a housewife in Oman’s high -ranking hotel.

According to a media report, the first showroom owner mentioned the valuable gift on Facebook, saying that the young man was impressed by his wife’s unconditional services during Ramadan and gave him a wonderful gift of Eid.

Watching the news on social media went viral and it was full of interesting and fascinating comments from consumers. Many consumers said that the husband paid the right salt.

It should be noted that there is a tradition in some countries of the Western Arabs called “Haqqat al -Mullah” (the right of salt). In this tradition, the husband presents his wife as a gold jewelry of cash on the occasion of Eid, which is a practical acknowledgment of his services to Ramadan and Iftar.

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