Jet Fighter J-10-C joins Pakistan Air Force fleet.

ISLAMABAD Prime Minister Imran Khan has joined the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) as a special guest at the inauguration ceremony of modern fighter aircraft J-10-C

Welcoming the guests the Chief of Air Staff said that we are living in a challenging period. Pak and China are tried and tested friendly countries. Pak Cheen cooperation is ideal for peace in the region.

Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmad Babar said that joining J-10-C in Pakistan Air Force is a cause of happiness. Today an important day for Pakistan Air Force. Pak Air Force is Committed to protect homeland in every difficulty. Involvement will further strengthen the defense capability.

He further added that China’s assistance in technological advanced weapons and other defense sectors is commendable.

J-10-C is capable of targeting from air to land and from air to sea. J-10-C has the capability to play a key role in defending maritime boundaries. The modern fighter aircraft J-10-C is equipped with effective anti-ship missiles. ۔

The J-10-C is capable of carrying large quantities of military equipment. The JTNC is capable of carrying strategic nuclear weapons. Rafale is fully capable of competing with aircraft.

The Chinese-made J-10-C is a 4.5 Plus Plus Generation aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art radar systems. ۔