Its Know truth.

woman with hands tied

A woman whose husband divorces her in anger and still keeps her
For some numbers, the girl goes to the professor’s bed.

Instead of scraps of paper, college janitors get condoms from places every day
Girls suffering from homosexuality in girls hostel Rape of innocent children in Madras
A servant of her father’s age should clean the hands of a girl who wears a veil.
Rap of two four six six year old young girls.

A woman cannot be safe only from close relationships
A spiritual father marrying his daughter means teacher and disciple
Relationships of married women with children’s age boys Relationships of married men with girls of their daughter’s age.

Going on a date with boys from schools and colleges in parks.

Asking the body to help a friend in the university!!
After seeing the civilization and culture of the West, wear a tight pant shirt and go to college and university with open hair.

Blackmailing a girl into a love trap and presenting her in front of his friends
Showing off her body and looking for a richer guy, making out with him in cars
Don’t get your son married because he doesn’t work.

Looking for a rich boy for my daughter
When the body is hungry, then the girl and the boy do not care about the respect of anyone!!

You people are telling me to write the truth, have you lost your mind?
Go away from reality, read romantic novels, where do you people have the courage to hear and read the truth, the truth is bitter, a very bitter truth that is licking our society like termites.