Israel’s dream of invading and killing.

After October 7, the Zionist government announced that it would eliminate Hamas by conducting a ground operation in Gaza.

Electricity, gas and water were cut off from the land that was bombarded from the sky, and then pamphlets were dropped for this ground operation to vacate northern Gaza and move to the south, but the Palestinians set an example of resistance by giving their lives.

In the last three days of this 20-day war, the Zionist army tried to enter Gaza through different passages, but they failed in every attempt, they faced a barrage of bullets or fled in fear.

After that, the Zionist government said that our forces retreated for a limited and short period of time. They have tried to hide their disappointment by giving this statement. will not be told.

To maintain morale, the false news that a battalion of American soldiers had landed in Israel was spread. The official spokesperson of the Zionist Army posted a video that went viral but was later deleted

The reality is that a ground attack on Gaza will put them in total hell and engulf the entire region in flames.

Israel’s dream of invading and killing is not being fulfilled, but al-Qassam has invaded the military airbase in Zekem last night, in which, according to al-Qassam’s sources, casualties were expected, dozens of military vehicles and tanks were destroyed, and this operation was carried out by the brigade. Successfully completed and returned by sea.

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