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ISLAMABAD: There is a danger of a false flag operation by India in Pakistan


May 27, 2020

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted on social networking site Twitter that Modi’s Hindutva and extremist government
A threat to neighboring countries as well
Is becoming

The Prime Minister said that Bangladesh is under threat due to the controversial citizenship law. India has a border dispute with Pakistan, China and Nepal.
There is a danger of a false flag operation by India in Pakistan.
He said that illegal occupation of occupied Kashmir is a violation of Geneva Convention. Modi’s fascist government is also a threat to peace in the region. An extremist Modi government resembling the Nazis is a threat to its neighbors.

It may be recalled that tensions between India and China have increased in Ladakh.

Chinese officials say India was carrying out illegal defense-related construction near the Galvan Valley when Chinese troops arrested a contingent of Indian troops and released them after negotiations.


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