Islamabad: The Prime Minister will have to take immediate steps to help the Afghan people.

Addressing a meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he welcomes all the distinguished guests to Pakistan.

He said that Afghanistan has been a victim of civil war for 40 years and foreign aid to Afghanistan has stopped.

He said that the problems faced by the Afghan people have not been raised by the people of any other country and 40 million people of Afghanistan are facing crisis while Pakistan has suffered the most due to the situation in Afghanistan.

PM said that helping Afghanistan is our religious responsibility and the world needs to understand Afghan culture.

Afghanistan’s banking system is stagnant and if the world does not help Afghanistan then it will be a huge man-made crisis. The Afghan population is falling below the poverty line and the situation in Afghanistan is very serious. Is. Immediate steps must be taken to help the Afghan people World silence on the Afghan issue is regrettable.