ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister has approved to present the federal budget on 12 june

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According to details, the federal budget for the next financial year will be presented on June 12. Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved to present the federal budget on June 12. Sources said that the finance ministry has banned officials from leaving the capital while Corona has decided to reduce budget targets because of the damage to the economy.

Relevant officials of the Ministry of Finance will not be able to go home during the Eid holidays.

It may be recalled that Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh had said that they are preparing a new budget keeping in view the current situation. The government will discuss the parties and consider their suggestions. They want to eliminate the shortcomings in the tax collection system. Concrete steps have been taken to end the crisis.

Earlier, an important meeting was held under the chairmanship of Hafeez Sheikh, Finance Advisor on Budget Outlook. The meeting at the Ministry of Finance discussed budget matters for the new financial year and the impact of the Corona epidemic.

The Finance Adviser said that in view of the impact on the economy, financial responsibility has to be exercised. All the Ministries and Departments have to come up with new budget proposals keeping in view the impact on the economy.

The Finance Adviser directed the Federal Departments and Ministries to reduce the expenditure and said that the surplus funds would be shifted towards Corona related needs and social security.