ISLAMABAD The new law has come against those who run fake news.

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Five years imprisonment for running fake news

Federal Law Minister Forough Naseem while addressing a press conference said that journalism is the fourth pillar of the state.

He said that PECA and Election Ordinance has been issued. I have drafted the PECA law while the Election Code of Conduct Act has been enacted by Babar Awan. PECA law will be for all.

Forough Naseem said that some people want to create tension in the country. Media is free to criticize but false news should not be spread and this law was necessary to prevent false news. This ordinance is not related to ban on media.

He said that fake news can be punished up to 5 years and fake news will be decided within 6 months. Media should not broadcast fake news because what will happen if the society is based on lies?

Is it okay to spread false news about the first lady?

The law minister said that no one would be exempted from fake news and the one who gave fake news would not be bailed out.

If the ordinance was wrong then it would have been repealed during the 18th amendment whereas undemocratic is something which is not in law and constitution.