Islamabad stands with Pakistan diplomacy not with any controversy PM Imran khan.

In an interview to Newsweek Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan stands by diplomacy and not with any dispute. The visit to Russia was planned before the Ukraine crisis. The invitation was received from Russian President Putin a long time ago.

He said the Russia-Ukraine conflict could have a disproportionate burden on developing countries affecting the global supply chain the energy crisis and rising commodity prices.

PM Imran Khan has said that the world cannot afford another Cold War. We sure in a global system where the interests of all countries are protected.

He also expressed the hope that the talks would help in resolving any differences between the two countries two countries have the potential for immense economic ties. Sees as a potential partner in liaison we seek development partnerships with regional states and major powers.

PM also said that economic relations between Pakistan and Russia have not been exploited before. Masco can invest in various sectors including energy so two countries have been trying to enhance relations for a long time. It is hoped that this visit to Islamabad and Moscow. I will take the relationship to new heights.

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