Islamabad Sheikh Rashid’s shocking revelation my life is in danger I want to kill the important institutions have been informed.

AML chief Sheikh Rashid revealed in a news conference in Islamabad that these people want to kill me. Islamabad wants to have an accident in March. I was chased twice yesterday.

Sheikh Rashid said that Army Chief DG ISID has also requested DIG IB that these seven persons are after my life and want to kill me if anything happens to me then Nawaz Sharif Shahbaz Sharif Hamza Sulaiman Salman Nawaz And Ranathana will be responsible. I am going to give a copy of the application submitted to the police station to Imran Khan.

In a news conference Sheikh Rashid made another revelation that the imported government is trying to arrest me before the long march. I tell them to fulfill their desire to arrest me.

He clearly said that I ask the ruling circles and the establishment to put Rana Sanaullah on lease Sanaullah wants civil war in the country. If Imran Khan and I are arrested then people will come to Islamabad themselves.

He said that the ruling circles never remain silent, their commitment is with Pakistan. The eyes and ears of the ruling circles are open. Before it is the turn of the ruling circles, they should hold elections in this country.

Sheikh Rashid further said that the political process in Pakistan has been deactivated.

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