ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched New Pakistan National Health Card.

Addressing the New Pakistan National Health Card Inauguration Ceremony, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he paid tribute to the entire team of the Ministry of Health.

I have seen the UK health system very closely and I am very impressed that any citizen can go to a government hospital for treatment but this program is beyond the UK’s health program he said. A person can also get treatment in a private hospital. Each family will have the facility to get treatment up to Rs. 1 million.

PM said that Allama Iqbal had a dream that we would become an ideal state in the world but in 74 years of history no one thought of moving towards the state of Madinah.

There is hardly a country in the world where such a program has been conducted. It is a program for the rich and the poor. We have seen the decline of government hospitals. My siblings and I were born in Mayo Hospital. There was quality.

Referring to Shaukat Khanum Hospital the Prime Minister said that my mother had cancer but there was no cure for cancer in Pakistan. I had to take my mother to UK then I thought of building Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Faisal Sultan has been with me since the first day in the struggle of Shaukat Khanum. We had called in specialists from outside for this hospital. This hospital will be closed.

Hospital which was built a cost of 70 billion where Rs.10 billion is being spent every year on the treatment of poor people. I learned a lesson from this. The PM said that through Rehmat-ul-Alamin Authority, we will educate the children in the universities about the biography of the Prophet. We did not consider both.

We did not even try to move towards the welfare state The elites were sidelined and one became the law for the strong while the other became the law for the weak. The most criticized Chief Minister of Punjab came to the polls. Usman Bazdar became the most successful Chief Minister. If the previous Chief Minister had a cough, he would go out. No idea

National security is connected with the people Those who return money from the country go abroad for treatment. The whole family is sitting outside for treatment.

4.5 billion is being spent on health cards. When the rich started getting treatment from private hospitals the standard of government started declining. After the health card people will also be provided facilities in the field of education. Gay and will fully cooperate with the builders of private hospitals. Mother five and child hospitals are being built. Encouragement is needed for the initiative taken by the Punjab government.

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