ISLAMABAD: PM Imran khan has announced to open the lock down from saturday

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while commenting on the current situation, said that the first case came on February 26. Locked down on March 13. We locked down all over the country where people could gather.

The Prime Minister said that this virus spreads faster than any other virus. Like the rest of the world, Pakistan also locked down. Our situation is different from China and Europe. We also have to take care of the huts and laborers.
We wondered what would happen to the daily earners.

Imran Khan said that because of Corona, we have closed cricket matches, parade educational institutions. Corona virus spreads very fast. In the United States, 2,000 to 700 people were dying every day in the United Kingdom. Thousands of people were dying in each country.

He said that we have opened National Command and Operations Center with Asad Umar in charge. Data from all over Pakistan is brought in NCOC and analyzed.

The Prime Minister said that Corona did not rise in Pakistan like the developed countries. Look at the situation in Europe. Hospitals were filled there. Just as the UK was hit by the virus, so it was not hit on Pakistan. ۔

Imran Khan said that they also think that they should start reducing the lockdown in the country. We will inform them in detail about the decisions that have been taken regarding lockdown. Our consultation on Corona has been going on. Have to do

He further said that the number of deaths due to corona is increasing in Pakistan but gradually the death toll from corona in the country was on the rise. We were afraid that the death toll from corona in Pakistan would not increase rapidly. And the facilities should not be reduced.

Announcing the opening of the lockdown from Saturday, the Prime Minister said that the country is in a very difficult situation. Small shopkeepers are in a difficult situation. Today we cannot say when Corona will rise. No one can say that Corona will not happen again when the lockdown opens.

Imran Khan said that we gave the biggest relief package in the history of Pakistan. In many countries it was not possible. As soon as we gave relief, our exports and tax collection have decreased. At present, all sectors in the country are in trouble. Those who came to work have gone back to the villages. Our economy was already struggling.

He said that if we compare it with India, we have given a lot more package than India. The package has been given in Pakistan. How long can we give package in the country? We have to open the lockdown but wisely we are successful in this phase. Pakistanis will have a big hand. We have created SOPs related to everything. Follow SOPs as a nation.

The Prime Minister said that now it is the responsibility of the people to follow them. Now the police cannot go and conduct raids in various places. The government will not implement the force of the stick.

Imran Khan said that we have to get out of difficult times, we have to work with the government, people have to take responsibility to get out of difficult times. If people are not careful, we will have to close again.

He said that the time has come to become a responsible citizen and fight against Corona and follow SOPs to avoid Corona. To avoid the effects of Corona lockdown, SOP must be followed.

The Prime Minister said that there is no consensus on opening of public transport. I think public transport should be opened. People with money are getting in their cars. Poor people are spending their money for travel. Restoration of public transport will benefit common man and poor man. ۔

Imran Khan said that the opinion of the Supreme Court was that transport should be opened with SOPs. The provinces have reservations about opening transport. If there are concerns of the provinces, they will not take any such decision. On public transport, Asad Omar has been asked to talk to the provinces and the provinces have been asked to make their own decisions.

He further said that those coming from abroad have to be quarantined and tested. Overseas Pakistanis have to be tested and quarantined when they come to Pakistan. Overseas Pakistanis are facing difficulties due to being in quarantine.

The Prime Minister said that the problem is that our quarantine is full. Positive cases in the world are given more importance on self-quarantine. put it.

Imran Khan said that do not go to the old people living in quarantine. Our family system is a threat on the one hand, power on the other hand. We take responsibility of the elders. This is our family system. Gently down, people are worried that the epidemic will not spread.