islamabad PM imran khan announces major relief package for the people

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while talking to senior journalists, said that the price of petroleum products has been reduced by Rs 15 immediately. Electricity and gas bills can be paid in installments 50 billion has been dedicated to medical equipment. While taxes on food items have also been reduced.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan’s decisions are made by looking at a small elite class.

He said that imposing a complete curfew would not hurt the rich but the poor living in slums, so curfew is the last stage of lockdown.

PM Pakistan says Rs 200 billion is allocated for the working class and Rs 50 billion has been allocated for utility stores.
With a tax refund of Rs 100 billion, the industries will be able to spend Rs.
The export industry has decided to give a tax refund of Rs 100 billion immediately.

He said that at the time of the National Security Summit, there were 21 cases of Karuna virus in the country. And banned people from gathering unnecessarily

Imran Khan says the biggest risk is to decide on fear of being karuna. The last stage of lockdown is curfew. Who will provide food to the poor with full lockdown, me and my team are examining the situation.

The Prime Minister said that he will give Rs 3,000 per house to the poor and has kept Rs 150 billion for 4 months. The scope of the shelters is expanding to Rs 50 billion for utility stores.

Imran Khan said that 100 billion rupees have been allocated to deal with the effects of lockdown. 300 gas and electricity bills will be charged in installments for 3 months. Each family will be paid Rs 3,000 monthly for 4 months.

“We have to fight the Karuna virus together. We have seen the nation during the earthquake and floods and how we have helped the Karuna virus as a nation.

The Prime Minister said that without this nation, this war cannot be won. We should all think that wherever people gather, there is a possibility of spreading the virus. Completing hospital equipment If the virus increases, the hospital will get a lot of pressure.