ISLAMABAD In the past the priority of the rulers was not the people but the dollars.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the purpose of the OIC conference was to show the world that we cannot bear the burden alone and help the Afghans as soon as possible. World is supporting our position on Afghanistan.

He said that a crisis is emerging in Afghanistan which is a great injustice while Pakistan has made financial and human sacrifices in the war against terrorism and despite the difficulties a positive face of the country has emerged all over the world. People live there.

In the past wrong decisions were made in the country which caused loss. We have seen the best identity of Pakistan. However, there are ups and downs in human life. Success comes from teamwork and we have to do our best in every case.

If decisions are made outside the rules, there are disadvantages. However, instead of blaming anyone, we should make the right decisions. We saw difficult times and tried to deal with it strategically while the world appreciated our steps to deal with Corona.

Due to our own mistakes, the country kept going down. There was a time when the Prime Minister of Pakistan would go to the United States and the American President would welcome him.