Islamabad government has empowered the FIA ​​to take action against those who post against state institutions on social media.

The government has approved an amendment to the FIA ​​Act, under which the Pakistan Penal Code section has empowered the agency to prosecute anyone who spreads any kind of false information against state institutions on social media. Can act against.

The summary of amendments to the schedule of the FIA ​​Act of 1974 by the Ministry of Home Affairs was approved by the Federal Cabinet on Thursday.

According to the summary, the FIA ​​said that social media is full of false information and rumors against state institutions and organizations with the aim of harming or inciting or potentially offending any officer, soldier, sailor or airman of the Army, Pakistan Air Force, Navy. Or inciting rebellion or trying to prevent them from performing their duties.

The FIA ​​is of the opinion that such rumors and false information were being spread with the aim of spreading fear in any section of the public and inciting them to commit crimes against any person.

The FIA ​​has requested the government to include this act in its list of scheduled offenses under PPC Section 505.

Sub-clause (1) of Section 505 of the Pakistan Penal Code states that any person who commits a related offense shall be punished with imprisonment for up to 7 years along with a fine.