Islamabad Election Commission cannot refuse to hold elections from EVM. Election Commission is bound by constitution and law.

Federal Law Minister Forough Naseem while addressing a press conference said that the objections raised by the opposition in the joint session on the issue of Rule 10 of the joint session were baseless.

The Federal Minister of Law said that under duress I had to code Article 22 Sub-Article 24. I said read Article 55 Sub-Article 1. The answer will be found. Don’t be

Forough Naseem said that there was a long and wide debate and it was said that electoral reforms would be challenged in the court. He did not even bother to look at the reading. If you don’t know the sensitivities of Pakistan then how did you become a Member of Parliament.

On the issue of Clubbhushan, he further said that the issue of Clubbhushan is a matter of national security. This is a red line. It will also apply.

Federal Law Minister said that not Pakistan but India went to ICJ on the issue of Clubbhushan. Opposition is objecting to the amendment regarding Clubbhushan. India wanted Clubbhushan to be released. Read on, everyone will understand.

Making Pakistan not a republic is a responsible state. If Pakistan did not pass the bill, then India had two nefarious intentions. India could have filed a contempt of court petition in the ICJ.

“We cut off their hands in response to India’s nefarious intentions or you don’t know anything, ie you don’t have understanding. You are doing it on purpose even though you understand it is dangerous,” he said.

Attempts to spread misinformation and misinformation have been thwarted by the PPP, which says it will challenge the legislation.

The Federal Minister said that PPP members say that there should be no university in Hyderabad. It is incomprehensible. Nothing is always 100% but the intention should be good. Our position is that whether it is Sindh or Pakistan, there should be educational institutions everywhere.

The opposition does not want any bill to be passed because the opposition is not serious about legislation. The speaker gave the members of the opposition a chance to speak.

Referring to the EVM, the Federal Minister said that the Election Commission is independent and empowered but the Election Commission is bound by the Constitution and the law. The Election Commission cannot refuse to hold elections with EVM.

EVM is better than old system. Old system was more prone to fraud. Federal Minister briefed us about EVM.

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