Islamabad, 40 percent of textile mills have been closed in the last 11 months.

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In this regard, the sources say that the officials of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association raised a pile of doubts and complaints in the meeting of the Standing Committee.

Aptma’s delegation said that in the last 11 months, 70 lakh skilled workers associated with the textile industry have become unemployed, and textile units are closing rapidly in Punjab.

The delegation told the meeting that they will come to Islamabad with the keys of textile mills on July 1. If the government does not make electricity and gas cheaper, another 25 percent of textile mills will be closed.

According to the officials, the electricity rate for textile mills has been increased from 20 rupees to 39.5 rupees per unit.

He further said that exports of textile mills are falling by 4 billion dollars due to high cost of electricity and gas. The textile sector needs a subsidy of 64 billion rupees on electricity and 40 billion rupees on gas.

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