ISB What will be the size of development budget for the next financial year?

How much will the provinces get?

Meeting of the National Economic Council was held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister. In the meeting, the revised development budget PSDP for the fiscal year 2022 was approved.

The size of the national development budget for the next financial year will be 2709 billion rupees, while there will be a development budget of 1559 billion rupees for the provinces.

Budget allocation for caretaker government

National Economic Council approved the development budget of Rs 426 billion for the caretaker government of Punjab, Rs 268 billion for the caretaker government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rs 617 billion sindh 248 billion for Balochistan.

Approved Development Budget for the Federation

In the meeting presided over by the Prime Minister, it was decided to keep 80 billion under the Prime Minister’s Program, 5 billion 40 crores were approved for development projects for aviation, 1 billion 11 crores were approved for the investment board in the form of PSDP.

Apart from this, development budget of 90 billion 12 crores for cabinet division, 4 billion 5 crores for climate change division, 1 billion 10 crores for commerce division and 2 billion 80 crores for defense division was approved.

Similarly, a development budget of 84 billion was approved for the establishment division, 3 billion 22 billion for the finance division, 8 billion 50 billion for the Ministry of Education and Professional Training, 60 billion 90 billion for Azad Jammu and Kashmir, 57 billion for the annexed districts of former FATA.

Meeting in a developmental budget of 8 billion 8 crores was approved for the Ministry of Interior, 1 billion 40 crores for the Indigestion, 3 billion 30 crores for Maritime Affairs, 15 crores for the Narcotics Control Division, 8 billion 85 crores for National Food Security, 13 billion 10 crores for the Ministry of Health, and 54 crores for the National Heritage and Culture Vision.

Apart from this, 26 billion 10 crore projects were approved for Pakistan Atomic Energy, 15 crore projects for Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority, 1 billion 50 crore development budget was approved for Petroleum Division.

Development budget of 29 billion 20 crore was approved for planning division, 50 billion for poverty alleviation and social security, 33 billion for railway division, 80 billion for ministry of religious affairs, 3 billion 20 billion for revenue division, 7 billion 50 billion for science and technology research, 110 billion for ministry of water resources were approved.

Schemes total 1182 have been included in the development budget, of which 311 are new and 871 are ongoing development schemes.

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