ISB. budget for Financial 2023-24 was presented to the National Assembly.

The total volume of the budget is Rs 14,460 billion. Non -tax revenue has been fixed at 2963 billion in the budget. In the budget, Rs 5276 billion will be given to the provinces. The defense budget will be Rs 1804 billion. Interest and loans will cost Rs 7303 billion.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar presented a financial bill in the presence of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif at the budget meeting chaired by the Speaker National Assembly.


The present government has taken steps to bring the IMF program. We have not adopted a state -of -the -art rescue policy. The record loan of the history of the country during the PTI era has been borrowed. Due to the timely measures of the present government, the trade deficit has decreased by 77 %. Will be $ 26 billion.


Agricultural loans are being increased from 1800 billion to 2250 billion. All taxes and duties on import of standard seeds are being eliminated. Rs 30 billion has been allocated to transfer 50,000 agricultural tube wells to solar. Eliminating Combine is eliminating all duty taxes to promote harvester.

Duty tax on machinery equipment to increase rice production is allocated Rs 5 billion for aggroendment core debt. 80 crore turnover agglid units will be exempt from tax for 5 years. have been.

Empowered Women/Games

Rs 5 billion has been allocated for the promotion of sports in the school college. 5 billion rupees are being kept for the empowerment program. The tax rate will also be exempted for business women.

IT exports

Income tax to increase IT exports will be a discounted rate of 0.25 %. The tax discount will be held till June 30, 2026, to increase IT exports, the IT sector is being given SME status. A Venture Capital Fund worth Rs 5 billion will be set up for the IT sector. The sales tax rate on IT services within the limits of Islamabad is being reduced from 15 to 5 %, 50,000 IT graduates will be given professional training.

Youth Program

Under the Prime Minister’s Youth Program, young people will be provided loans on simple terms. Under the Prime Minister’s Youth Program, Rs 10 billion has been earmarked for loans to the youth. Rs 5 billion has been allocated for specialized training under the Prime Minister’s Youth Program. Under the Prime Minister’s Youth Program, young people will be provided loans on easy terms. Under the Prime Minister’s Youth Program, the youth have been kept Rs 10 billion for loan.


Rs 65 billion is being kept for the Higher Education Commission, Rs 70 billion is proposed for HEC development expenditure, Pakistan is being kept in the budget of Rs 5 billion for the Endowment Fund, Pakistan Endowment Fund will provide students on merit. Rs 10 billion has been allocated for the distribution of laptops among the deserving students. School college has made Rs 5 billion for sports promotion.

Increase the salaries of government employees

Government employees ‘salaries have been proposed to increase by 30 to 35 %. Grade one to 16 government employees’ salaries are proposed to increase by 35 per cent and a 30 % increase in salaries of government employees above Grade 17. Pensions have been proposed to increase by 17.5 %.


Remittances are equal to 90 % of the exports, the final tax on the purchase of Pakistanis abroad has been abolished. Extraordinary property purchases will not be taxed from Pakistanis to Pakistanis. Pakistanis abroad will have fast track immigration facilities at airports. Remittances will be given the status of rheumatoid card holders. Rheumatoes cardholders will have a large prize scheme through a draw.

Solar Panel.

It has been decided to abolish customs duty on solar panel manufacturing raw materials. It has been decided to abolish customs duty on raw materials to manufacture solar panel batteries. Duty on import of solar panel machinery is being abolished. Duty is also being abolished on the inverter of the solar panel’s inverter.

SMEs (Small Industries)

SMEs’ loans can also be refused on 6 % markup. The government will tolerate 20 % of the SMEsquest loans. The government has decided to resume SME easy finance scheme. SMEs proposes to set up a credit rating agency.

Export sector

Export Council of Pakistan will be set up on the export sector. The quarterly meeting of the Export Council of Pakistan, headed by the Prime Minister, will be held. Taxes on all listed companies have been reduced by 1.25 to one percent.