Is the quake in Turkey a consequence of Harp innovation?

The radio transmitters utilized in Harp innovation utilized 930 kilowatts or 0.93 megawatts of power.

Seismic tremor in Turkey had a greatness of 7.8
In which 32 peta joules of energy was delivered
That is 8,888,888 megawatts each hour of energy assuming a human figures out that
That 8,888,888 megawatts of energy can be created from one megawatt of energy must be mourned.

On the off chance that a tremor was produced by a radio transmitter, individuals living close to each radio broadcast on the planet would feel a slight quake, yet this is beyond the realm of possibilities. This innovation says that the harp can create numerous meteorological debacles, including precipitation, floods, lightning and tremors. Having faith in it resembles assuming a savvy lets you know that by eating its fat, you can fix all sicknesses from your head to your feet, and many individuals likewise trust it.

It isn’t difficult to make a quake, yet it is conceivable
Presently how about we consider the logical strategy for making seismic tremors.

It takes 8 million tons of explosives to deliver such a major quake. Assuming you incorporate the later huge quakes of 7.5 and 6.7, you will require 15 megatons of explosives.

This implies that 1000 Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs should be terminated to make a quake in Turkey, yet the US has exploded 15 megatons of bravo and Russia has exploded 50 megatons of tsara bomba.
The serious quake in Turkey was 7.8 with a profundity of 18 km, which was a shallow tremor, while people have just had the option to uncover to a profundity of 12 km.

If a foe nation of Turkey has any desire to make a tremor in Turkey, it should dig 18 kilos in the ideal spot and afterward put a 15 megaton nuclear bomb in it and run it. Also, it can’t be stowed away from the eyes of people in general.

Notwithstanding unearthing, an underground passage can be made from one more nation and exploded at the ideal area, yet for this, a passage of thousands of kilometers long should be dug, and the biggest passage on the planet as much as 18 kilometers deep is the Gotthard Base Tunne, which is 57 km long and 2.3 km profound. It is implicit the mountain yet it is incomprehensible with the current innovation to take the passage to a profundity of 18 km.