Iran’s retaliatory strike on Israel.

In response to the attack on the Iranian consulate, Iran launched an assault on Israel with more than 300 drones and cruise missiles. Israel, with the assistance of the United States and Jordan, shot down numerous Iranian missiles.

According to foreign news agencies, the Revolutionary Guards of Iran have claimed to have targeted specific locations in Israel by launching dozens of drones and missiles. Iran conducted extensive drone attacks on Israel, while Israeli TV has claimed that Iran fired more than 300 drones and cruise missiles.

Iranian media reports have stated that Iran targeted Israeli defensive installations, military bases near the Golan Heights and Syria were also hit by Iranian attacks. Iran successfully targeted 50 percent of its objectives in Israel, hitting Israeli bases with Khaybar missiles.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Defense Minister has warned neighboring countries that any airspace opened by Israel to stop drones will be targeted.

In a statement to the United Nations, the Iranian mission said that the military action against Israel in Damascus in response to the Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy enclave could now be considered resolved.

If the Israeli government makes any further mistakes, Iran’s response will be much harsher. This is a conflict between Iran and Israel, and America should stay out of it.

On the other hand, an Israeli military spokesman said that Iranian drones caused damage to a military facility in southern Israel, and a girl was injured in the Iranian missile attack on Israel, the dangers are not yet over, forces are still facing threats.

There is an atmosphere of fear in Israel, all schools and educational institutions have been closed.

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