Iran’s missile system and military in today’s blog Know.

A report by the British think tank, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, sheds light on how effective Iran’s missile system is and how powerful its military is compared to its staunch rival, Israel.

According to foreign media reports based on the report by the British think tank, Iran possesses 523,000 troops, with its missile capabilities being a central component of its military strength, despite its weaker aerial capabilities compared to Israel.

The U.S. Department of Defense acknowledges that despite years of sanctions, Iran has been successful in acquiring drone capabilities and possesses the largest and most powerful missile force in the Middle East.

According to a report by the American Department of Defense, Iran’s missile capability is the largest in the Middle East, primarily consisting of short and medium-range missiles, while Iran is currently testing its capabilities in developing long-range intercontinental missiles.

Since a major cyberattack on its nuclear facilities in 2010, Iran has been enhancing its cyber capabilities.

Iranian drones have been in use against the extremist organization ISIS in Iraq since 2016. Additionally, according to Russian sources, armed drones controlled by Iran have infiltrated Israeli airspace from Syria.

Iran has a total of 523,000 troops, including 330,000 in the regular army and 193,000 in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The Revolutionary Guards have their own cyber command, which engages in both commercial and military espionage.

Furthermore, the maritime force of the Revolutionary Guards consists of 20,000 personnel. The Quds Force, which includes approximately 5,000 personnel, used to conduct operations abroad for the Revolutionary Guards under the leadership of the late General Soleimani, with reports directly submitted to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

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