Iran has built an underground airbase.

The world used to make fun of Iran at the same time it built an underground airbase that no one knew about and surprised the whole world including the powerful countries because they think of their country first and not about foreigners or personal interests. Think of your country and nation.

We should have learned something from our neighbours, now the water is running over our heads, so we are running here and there and are sleeping in the sleep of negligence.

The political leaders of Iran made their people an Iranian nation, one language, one jurisprudence, and they maintained their Persian tradition.

The politicians of Pakistan have made the people Punjabi Sindhi Pakhtun Baloch, neither the language is one nor the culture is one nor the nation is one, history is a witness, division has been a symbol of end and unity has been a symbol of survival, which is making this nation one, it is being put on the wall.

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