iPhone users rejoice now

person holding silver iphone 6

A reduction in the registration fee for old models of unregistered iPhones across the country has been announced.

Regard in sources say that the Federal Board of Revenue FBR had announced a reduction in PTA taxes on all Apple smartphones last month, which has been implemented.

PTA has announced a separate reduction on passport and NIC, after which the fee for iPhone 8 on passport will now be Rs 38,922.

Apart from this, the fee for iPhone 8 on NIC is Rs 48 thousand 314, the fee of iPhone 8 Plus on passport is Rs 40 thousand 951 and the fee of iPhone 8 Plus on NIC is Rs 50 thousand 546.

This significant development comes as great news for both industry experts and smartphone users who have long been clamoring for price cuts. Phone adoption will see an increase.