Inflation in the last month of the year 2021 recorded a record 12.28%.

In the last month of 2021, inflation was recorded at 12.28 percent.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, the prices of lentils rose by 8.64 per cent, dal mash by 6.58 per cent, edible oil by 6 per cent, lentils by 5.27 per cent, fruits by 4.81 per cent, gram by 4.71 per cent and milk by 2.83 per cent during July-December.

On an annual basis, mustard oil rose by 60.77% and edible oil by 59.33%. Vegetable ghee 56.33. Sugar rose by 14.13 per cent and sugar by 13.28 per cent.

According to the report in one month, tomatoes became cheaper by 49.74%, vegetables by 25.73% and potatoes by 19.76%
Chicken 18.34 Onion 17.8 Sugar 9.22 and Egg 3% cheaper Tomato 28.90 Onion 27.73 and Pulses 24.59% cheaper While Potato 23.96 Chicken 14.34 Egg 8.19 Spices 2.63% cheaper.