Increasing the defense power of Pakistan Navy.

A major development for the defense of Pakistan’s maritime boundaries, 2 new Type 054 Alpha frigates manufactured in China will join the Pakistan Navy.

Alpha frigates will officially join the Pakistan Navy in the next few days. Tughral class frigates PNS Tipu Sultan and PNS Shah reached Karachi.

The induction ceremony of PNS Tipu Sultan and Shah Jahan will be held in Karachi. Defense Minister Khawaja Asif will be the special guest of the event.

The total number of Type 054 Alpha frigates in the Navy’s fleet will be 4. The Tughral class frigates are primarily guided missile frigates. China’s Hodgson Xinghua Shipbuilding has built all four frigates.

Tughral class frigates are capable of surface and underwater warfare and air combat. Tughral class frigates are deadly to the enemy due to Loridar observability. The Type 054 Alpha frigates are primarily multi-purpose frigates.

Type 054 Alpha frigates are equipped with the latest weapons and sensors. The Tughral class frigates are equipped with CM 302 surface-to-surface missiles, while the surface-to-air missiles are LY-80.

A modern anti-submarine and combat management system can deal with multiple threats. In 2017, Pakistan placed an order for the purchase of Type 054 Alpha frigates.

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