In Wazirabad Haqiqi Azadi March, firing took place near the container, as a result of which Imran Khan was injured.

As soon as the real freedom march entered Wazirabad, there was firing near the container of Chairman PTI Imran Khan.

In the assassination attack, 6 people including Imran Khan were injured and one person died

After the firing, there was a stampede during the march and the leaders on the container were also panicked. At the time of the firing, the convoy had reached near Zafar Ali Khan Chowk.

Punjab Health Minister Yasmin Rashid said that Imran Khan was injured in the firing and he was shot in the leg.

Workers took Imran Khan in their hands and took them from the container to the car Being despite shot in the leg, Imran Khan waved to the workers while smiling and got into the car.

Senator Faisal Javed PTI leader Ahmad Chatta and PTI official Rashid were also injured in the firing and were shifted to hospital.

Sources said that there are reports that 5 people were injured in the firing incident and those injured in the firing are being shifted to hospital in ambulances.

Sources say that the alleged shooter has been detained.

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