In a couple of days we will decide when to send this government home.

Fawad Chaudhry said that there is no problem in sending the current government home we have a couple of points that are being worked on, but we will decide to government send home in a day or two.

He said that if they fall into the pit, they don’t dig deeper and try to get out. The current rulers are making very stupid decisions which they don’t understand. The economy is ruined. People are worried and they are thinking of their own interests.

Their cunning is to magnify the crisis and give the impression that they are anti-establishment. These people will now try to get votes by giving the impression of anti-establishment.

What is the difference between me and Farrukh Habib’s resignation? We resigned together. Will be there no by-elections in the country. General elections will be held. When will the general elections be held? Now it is up to us to decide. Announce general elections and call everyone for electoral reform. Saying that they won’t hold elections because they will lose, then that is dictatorship.

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