In 2022, 67 writers kicked the bucket during their work on the planet.

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This number of writers is 30% more than the year before.

As per the report of Columnists Without Boundaries, 67 writers lost their lives throughout work in the year 2022, while the quantity of columnists who lost their lives in the line of obligation last year was 47.

The report of Columnists Without Boundaries expresses that five Pakistanis are additionally among the people who lost their lives, other than 300 and 75 writers were detained all over the planet.

The Worldwide Association of Columnists said in such manner that the agitation and bedlam in Haiti, the continuous Russian-forced battle in Ukraine, and the rising viciousness of groups of thugs in Mexico made it more challenging for writers to work in 2022 than a year ago. expanded losses.
The columnists’ association has said that the quantity of writers detained all over the planet is 375 who have needed to see jail bars due to their revealing.

China, Myanmar and Turkey are among the nations where the largest number of writers are being kept in jail.

Then again, the association Columnists Without Lines had before delivered the Worldwide Report on Press Opportunity 2022, as indicated by which Pakistan’s press opportunity has decayed and its positioning has expanded from 145 to 157.

180 nations all over the planet have been incorporated. India has additionally fallen in this rundown and its positioning has gone from 142 to 150.

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