Imran Khan’s speech the future of Pakistan.

Imran Khan’s speech after his release, the people were wowed after listening to Khan’s address, from today the common man is going to be very careful and serious. He has talked about what no one dared to say in 75 years. Khan is openly going to fight a very dangerous battle for the trust of his people.

Khan in his speech has set fire to all the boats by sprinkling petrol, now there will be no return, I have become very worried for Khan Sahib’s life, now I have to protect Khan Sahib like a deeper shadow, now from the mouth of the mafia. The foam is coming out after Khan’s speech, their sleep is going to be forbidden. They will go to any extent. In the coming days, I am seeing more worst violence and roundup. The internet will be shut down again at any time.

The Pakistani nation has to be ready for a greater sacrifice than before. Now this season of repression will continue until the election. Murad Saeed must be raised. But there is going to be a huge crackdown, the whole of Pakistan will have to stand like a concrete wall, they will go to any extent, never hope for mercy from them.
Just a common man