Imran Khan has to answer to Allah, he will not trade his conscience.

Ex PM Imran Khan said in a Zoom meeting that tomorrow we will celebrate 75 years of Pakistan’s Independence Day in a grand manner. .

He said that the purpose of the program is that one freedom we got 75 years ago was freedom from British slavery, but we still have a long way to go for real freedom. In Azad Ho Jain Pakistan, the regime was changed and our government was removed under a foreign conspiracy. Those who hatched this conspiracy thought that the party would now be completely destroyed.

There is also a famous saying of Hazrat Ali (RA) on injustice that the system of disbelief will last, but the system of cruelty and injustice cannot last. Don’t be completely overcome by fear.

Regarding the PDM government he said that if you see the long-term planning of these thieves, then it is to be strict first, then by propaganda, something will be brought out about me, and after that, someone will come and make a deal. Imran Khan’s ban will be removed only when Nawaz Sharif is removed from disqualification. In 3 and a half years I was not afraid of the media because I have not made any mistake like corruption in my life. The only problem I had with the media was that there was a fake. News should not spread about me.

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