Imran Khan chose to break down the Punjab and KP Gathering on December 23.

Imran Khan said that our administration was toppled by a connivance and a man is liable for it, whose name is General Bajwa. General Bajwa was the military boss, so he didn’t talk previously.

Tending to a meeting in Lahore through video connect, Imran Khan said that our administration is in Punjab, why have we arrived at this resolution? Living and passing on is Pakistan. I determined my profit for a considerable length of time.

I got hitched in UK yet I never considered taking a visa. My beginning and end is in Pakistan. The pack of criminals is driving the country to annihilation. Today, the existence of the average person has become troublesome. Today, Pakistan’s businesses are shutting down. The yearly record has been broken.

He said that record charges were being gathered during our time. Record crops were delivered during our time. Allow me to let you know one area of ranchers’ help in our administration in which there has been improvement. Over the most recent 7 months, 750,000 Pakistanis have left the country. There is despair in the country today due to Raj.

Imran Khan further said that these individuals were getting back to the country for a very long time, they were placed on top. Businesses were creating during Crown we helped development ventures during our time there was 6% development.

The previous state head expressed that as per the financial study, the economy was developing at 6% during our time, however no US dollars were coming in during our time, at this point the inquiry that is better for the economy is who is liable for the shift in power?

What was the justification for why our administration was ousted and cheats were put on top? Today, Pakistan’s obligation risk has arrived at 5 to 100%.

He said that no speculation is coming from abroad over the most recent 8 months. During our time, abroad Pakistanis sent the most dollars. Today, joblessness in the nation is ceaselessly expanding. During our time, laborers were not accessible in Faisalabad. 88% of the nation As per the financial backers, the bearing of the public authority isn’t correct.

The past government made power contracts in dollars. Today, dollars are not coming into the nation and how the nation will run. Their main expectation is to get the feet of the IMF. They need to treat disease with disprin. LCs are not opening in the nation today, the ongoing government has no guide, they need to defer the political decision somehow.

Imran Khan further said that he fears the political decision. He knows that when the political race is held, he will lose. The Political decision Commission is allied with him. He won’t direct the political race even in October. Badiant Political race Commission will let him know how to defer the political decision. It was said that races couldn’t be held for a long time due to this Political decision Magistrate, decisions couldn’t be held.

They couldn’t care less about the country, they need to take off from the country. Prior to ousting our administration, the four major individuals of Muslim Association said that doubt can’t prevail without the foundation. Before everybody, General Bajwa, a man chose to eliminate us.

What was the explanation General Bajwa cut down the sting government? Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar said that everybody understood what the request for the foundation would be. They all needed to go here. At the point when they cut down our administration, individuals remained with us. Notwithstanding the apparatus in the by-political decision, these individuals lost. General Bajwa has no clue of slip-up, during General Bajwa’s period, such savagery was not seen in any event, during Musharraf’s time.

Imran Khan said that the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Gathering will be disintegrated next Friday.

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