Imported government will never recognize PM Imran Khan.

Addressing the nation PM Imran Khan said that he would not accept the imported government. He said that he would take to the streets against the imported government.

Address in Prime Minister Imran Khan said It is the people who have brought me. I have to go among the people. He has announced to take to the streets.

He said that the biggest fear of the opposition is the EVM machine. They will return the EVM machine for rigging. The opposition wants to go to the field after fixing the match.

He said that the opposition was first of all trying to abolish NAB after coming to power.

PM asked the opposition to come to the polls and contest the elections. He bluntly said that he would not accept that an imported government should be imposed on Pakistan.

When the party started, I followed 3 principles and wanted to talk about independence and justice
I respect the judiciary which was disappointed with the decision of the Supreme Court.

He said that in a civilized society the judiciary is the guardian. What was the reason for the adjournment of the assembly by the Deputy Speaker? I wish the Supreme Court would at least look at this post and see if we are telling the truth or not. What we are saying is a conspiracy of regime change.

PM said that 63A horse trading is going on openly. It is the time of social media. Everybody knows that the judiciary was hoping to take action on this issue. It has become a joke. People of Punjab are closed. Democracy is not the most painful thing.

I am very disappointed with the decision of the judiciary. The judiciary and the people are watching this spectacle. I have never seen such a thing in Western democracy. I also tell the nation that there is a conspiracy from outside. No one will save you.

PM said that this message is cipher, this message is top secret, therefore it is not given to the media cipher cannot give the message to the public, otherwise other countries will know the code.

The ambassador said that Imran Khan should not have gone to Russia but he said that it was Imran who decided.