Imported government wants us army to stand before bar. Former PM Imran Khan.

Addressing the cortege ground meeting, he said that all those sitting in the imported government should hear to our life and death in Pakistan.

He said that he noway allowed
of taking a passport from abroad and noway
allowed of living anywhere other than Pakistan. The life and death of the people sitting in the imported government isn’t in Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif is now staying for NRO to come to Pakistan. He doesn’t watch if the country goes down.

The former high minister said that Asif Ali Zardari, while he was chairman, transferred a communication to the US commander through Hussain Haqqani to save him.

He said that if the police hadn’t carried out raids on May 25, the ocean of similar people would have come to Islamabad. Allowed to

Imran Khan said that moment not only Islamabad but people have gathered each over the country. The nation is transferring the communication that it’s still time to save the country. My parents were born in a slave country. Only free nations do great work. Pakistan was created for independence.

He said that if Americans were to be enslaved also why this nation would noway fete the slaves of Americans who fought the war of independence.

He said that these two families have been ruling this country for numerous times and they’re the bones
who have put the country on vanity waste.

Sheikh Rashid said that he saluted all his musketeers and said that he was with Imran Khan.

Addressing the prade ground meeting he said that Imran Khan is the voice of the total of Pakistan moment, just as the Pakistan Army is the voice of the so is Imran Khan the voice of the whole country.

SR said that after winning PTI in July, the imported government has to bury it at Lakshmi Chowk.

He said that the betterment of Pakistan lies in publicizing early choices as these people can not run the country.

Sheikh Rashid said that Fazlur Rehman wants his family to be the governor. One pincher made his son the dispatches minister and the other pincher made his son the foreign minister.

Addressing the gathering, Defense Minister Pervez Khattak said that the people go beyond our prospects and compliment Imran Khan for coming out against affectation.

He said that choices were going to be held in Punjab on the 17th and asked the people of Punjab to shoot them home.

He said that Imran Khan controlled affectation, oil painting and electricity were cheaper, he was upset about why the country is perfecting. People are sensible Imran Khan will give a two- thirds maturity.

Imran Khan along with other party leaders have reached the cortege ground and are present on the stage.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan has led a rally from Rawalpindi to the cortege ground in Islamabad where a large number of PTI workers are present for the party flag.

Imran Khan had called a rally against the sharp rise in petrol prices and the measures taken by the present government.

The quarter administration has allowed the PTI to hold a rally on the assurance that the Islamabad Express Highway would not be closed and the venue would be vacated before 12 noon.

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