If the date of general elections is not given then the sea coming to Islamabad will be restored to all.

He said that the enslaved people of America are not the ones whose billions of dollars are lying abroad. Asif Zardari is the biggest disease of the country.

The former prime minister further said that those who come to Islamabad should break the chains of their fear and we have to liberate the country from the slaves of America.

He said that Maulana cannot call a person who sells diesel on a permit. Diesel has taken over the ministry in which the most money will be made.

Imran Khan also said that I thank the spirit and passion of the people of Mardan. I have come to prepare you that when you call me to come to Islamabad, you have to come.

“Those under my age are young. I am calling you for revolution, not for Islamabad politics,” he said.

I have to reach Islamabad to save the morals of my nation. I have worked hard to put the country’s economy on its feet.

He said the economy was in shambles in 2018 and there was no money to pay off debts. Saudi Arabia demanded money from the UAE and China to save the country from bankruptcy.

It was a great embarrassment for Pakistan to ask for loans from other countries.

When I found out about the conspiracy I went to the people who could have stopped the conspiracy. Unfortunately they did nothing he said.

Imran Khan said that he sent Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen and directed him to tell those who call themselves neutral that the country’s economy would be destroyed.

He further said that I know which man has conspired and the image of Mir Jafar has been imprinted on my heart.

The former prime minister said that Bilawal will go to America and ask for money to help us or else Imran will come back. I know the Americans say that no food is free.

He said that there could not be a clean and transparent election with the present Chief Election Commissioner. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court should conduct an open inquiry into this conspiracy.

Imran Khan said that MQM members selectively killed the police officers conducting the operation.