If the baby does not cry after being born, what can be disability?

greyscale photo of medical operation

The baby usually cries after being born through normal delivery or operation, which is his first breath and a healthy beginning of life,

And in case of not crying, his brain does not reach oxygen that either dies or becomes disabled for a lifetime,

What is the solution,?

In the hospital where the child is being born, make sure the information before birth will go into the hands of the aunt (which does not have any other way to kill), or an expert doctor present. Will be the least BLS knowing,

Oxygen and life -saving tools and medicines are ready before the baby is born.

In case of need to be kept in glasses there is a facility in the hospital or not
If these questions are not answered, then your child’s memory

The “first minute” after the baby is born is a golden minute, so the doctor should have a doctor for the baby, taking the doctor somewhere else is equivalent to the house,
Often children with disabilities are not born due to neglect and absence of facilities.

Immediately, an emergency life -saving recipes can reduce a lifetime disability.