If the assemblies are dissolved, the new mandate will be for five years.

In the media reports, it has been mentioned with reference to the sources of the Election Commission that if the assemblies are dissolved, the new mandate will be for 5 years, while it is not a constitutional requirement to hold the elections of the national and provincial assemblies on the same date.

In case of dissolution, the election of the entire assembly is not a by-election. According to the sources of the Election Commission, it was further informed that if the resignations are accepted in the National Assembly, a by-election will be held.

If the assemblies are dissolved, elections will have to be held in 90 days. It should be remembered that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has announced the dissolution of the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies next Friday.

He said that after that we will prepare for the election. Sacrificing we are our two assemblies for the country. When the two assemblies come out, there will be an election in 66% of Pakistan. Common sense says that a general election should be held in the whole of Pakistan.

In his address, he said that the Chief Minister of Punjab and KPK are sitting with me, we have to announce an important decision today, I sold everything outside and presented the money trail.

My life and death are in Pakistan.

I am one of those Pakistanis who used to play cricket abroad and could get a British passport. It never occurred to me that I have any other home than Pakistan.

I am afraid that the group of thieves is leading the country towards destruction. Ask the hardworking farmers of Pakistan. There is no balance in their income and expenditure.

The industry is closing, we had developed the industry in our last time, wealth was increasing, taxes were increasing.