If people come to the streets with hunger the purpose of the lock down will be over

According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing the current situation of Corona, said that the situation arising out of the Corona virus is not found in the National Command and Operation Center, which includes all the top institutions and these organizations sit every day.

The Prime Minister said that experts evaluate the situation of the patients and corona daily. Institutions compile a data after all contacts and the situation is being reviewed every day.

Regarding Corona cases, Imran Khan said that 50,000 cases were expected till April 25, now it is estimated to be 12 to 15 thousand cases, but I congratulate the nation on the shortage of expected patients.

He said that the world was not ready to deal with this kind of situation, Corona virus cases are increasing in the world, they are preparing for the rising cases, there is a possibility of increasing Corona cases from 15 to 20 May.

The Prime Minister said that the resources are needed for the utmost care. Due to timely measures, no case came from China to Pakistan. It was decided gradually to reduce the lockdown; our situation in Europe and America is different.

Imran Khan said that people are rooted in the Katchi population, there is no access to clean water. By the month of May, we will make more preparations to fight Corona.

Regarding the construction sector, he added that the construction sector is going to be opened, there is a government hospital for the poor and a private hospital for the poor, a class system has been created in Pakistan. I have been saying since the first day what the poor are thinking.

The Prime Minister said that the greater danger is that what will happen to the poor people from the lockdown, I am very much in danger of poor class conditions. In the past, the class system in Pakistan flourished, the decision to open up the construction sector was given due to labor issues. What.

Imran Khan said that no workers could not reach these workers; 100 million families are providing relief money. If people come to the streets with hunger, the purpose of the lockdown will be ended, social distance will be removed if people come out. ۔

He said that after the 18th Amendment, provinces had powers, workers were registered in other countries, including the United States, asking industrialists to participate in the construction sector so that people were hungry.

Regarding the lockdown, the Prime Minister said that the lockdown rod will not contain mannequin. Citizens think to themselves, when Corona spreads, their disease, Lockdown are affected by the people. For the best, the sooner the lockdown is successful, the better.

Regarding the Ramadan policy, Imran Khan said that everyone wants to go to mosques in Ramadan, President Arif Alawi has a meeting with the Ulema, the appeal is that the Imam mosque should impose restrictions on the mosques with fixed items and prayers.

He said that given the economic relief package according to his condition, the coronaphila factory and construction sites would also be closed.

The Prime Minister has threatened with respect to storage, people have to make money to make money, ordinance on storage has become very hard now, try to make money, it will catch them, they will get their hands on their hands.

Imran Khan added that the ordinance will also be approached by smuggling, stocking, smugglers will become very strict.

He said that politics runs at every turn, not all PTIs are affected by national crises, it is being harassed for two to three weeks, there is a section that is aggravated with no death.

The Prime Minister further said that many countries have made mistakes related to Corona virus. From the first day that the government has taken steps to correct the situation, it is said that corpses have started to increase in Karachi. Is there any fear that this is an illegal act? ۔

Imran Khan said that if the government sends data to the bodies, it will be more wrong move. What will stop the cases from the government’s concealment. The National Command and Operation Center is collecting data from all over the country. ۔

He said that the nation has had a difficult time because of the lockdown, Corona has not spread fast. It is Crisis. It should not be played politics. Will we hide Corona cases and will Corona end?

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that there are some people who are disappointed that the Corona has not spread much without confirmation that the government is sending out the killings from Corona.

Imran Khan said that the prevalence of polio as it is in Pakistan is to control it. If the polio effect is spread then the world can stop us from going out so that people who are saved from corona do not die from other diseases.

Referring to Pakistanis abroad, he said that Corona had more impact on Lockdown than Overseas Pakistanis.

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