If cruelty does not fight injustice, then there is no difference between us and sheep.

These views were expressed by the PTI Chairman during his speech at the Mashaikh and Ulama Convention held in Lahore. .

Describing the Ulema as a great force, he said that the Ulama helped Quaid-i-Azam, as a result of which Pakistan came into existence.

Imran Khan said in his address to the Mashaikh and Ulama Convention that in the coming days you will all have to do your duty for your country. And what is humanity at this time is that we are going down fast.

The day you start condoning theft, the society will be destroyed you don’t fight injustice, there is no difference between us and the sheep.

I have been told time and again that you are stubborn. Those people who left him for corruption. When I was in government, I was told to give him NRO. Remember that if we admit thieves, then we are the grave of the country’s future. Digging.

Addressing the ceremony at Government College University, Lahore, Imran Khan said that Pakistan’s biggest Faradiya Ishaq Dar is coming back.

Now new audio leaks have come out in which it has been proved that the chief election commissioner is the house servant of Nawaz Sharif asking him who should be Imran will be disqualified in the Tosha Khana case. There is no shame in that, so we have to make him resign.

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