I will go to prison, can they bear his response?

Imran Khan gave a meeting to American television and said that the capture doesn’t make any difference, there has been a lethal assault on me, this is my subsequent life.

Imran Khan said that I will go to prison, will they bear his response?

There can’t be straightforward races in the country in light of the fact that the Political decision Commission is remaining with them, the most one-sided administrative states in history have been framed in Punjab and KP.

Recently, Imran Khan had guaranteed in the gathering of PTI spokespersons that cash has been given to 2 expert assassins for my homicide.

2 individuals from South Waziristan have been entrusted for the arranged homicide of me. I have every one of the verifications of this arrangement.

Executive PTI said that regardless of how enthusiastically they attempt, they can’t come down on me.