I will arrest Imran Khan and keep him in Mirchi Ward in Balochistan’s Mach Jail.

While speaking on the TV show, Ranasthnaullah said that Imran Khan will be arrested by Rangers FC and Islamabad Police and will become dull.

When he was asked that in which province will Imran Khan be arrested and kept because he has the government in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

So the federal interior minister replied that he will keep them in Mirchi ward in Machh of Balochistan where politicians have been kept.

He said that Akhtar Mengal has promised that if Imran Khan is arrested, he will be kept in Machh jail.

Imran Khan had powers, that’s why he made false cases. Imran Khan now tells lies. He had no powers on NAB. Imran Khan tried to make me a target of revenge to the last extent.

He said that there is no long march at this time, the march has failed miserably, 4 to 5 thousand people have come out in Lahore and there is no people with them.

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