I will announce a major package tomorrow for the construction industry, PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he will announce a major package tomorrow for the construction industry.

According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the tax refund ceremony said that he was taking all measures to protect the workers from unemployment.

The Prime Minister said that the lockdown has been extended for two weeks, the whole nation is to take care of the weaker sections of the nation, trying to reach the poorer households through the Emotion Program, and will reach one crore 20 million households through the Emotion Program.

Imran Khan said that without the business community Pakistan could not move forward, a package has been announced for labor support, economy on the one hand and the poor on the other.

He said that 1960 was the golden period of the industry in Pakistan, the top leadership examines corona and its effects every day, we have to stop the spread of coronavirus, the spread of corona compared to other countries in Pakistan, hopefully. We will be able to stop the Corona expansion.

The Prime Minister said that with the lockdown, the community is also being directed. People should not go to the places where everyone gathers.

Imran Khan said that he would announce a huge package for the construction industry tomorrow, roads would be built, cement industry would be gone and there would be no fear of corona spread.

He said that it was difficult to reach the resources, so decided to open up the construction industry completely.

The Prime Minister said that the promotion of industry in the country is the priority of the government. Due to the Corona virus, the whole world is in trouble.