I wanted my wife to enter, but I fought and made her matriculate.

Actor Inayat Khan, who played the lead role in ARY Digital’s drama serial Maqdar Ka Satara, participated in the program ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ and answered questions related to his private life.

Inayat Khan said that I was one year old when we were shifted to Karachi and now we have been here for thirty years, but earlier there was a village house atmosphere in which took time to change.

He said that girls were not getting education here, so I came here and took the step that girls should get education at least up to matriculation.

In response to a question, Inayat Khan said that here we have marriage in the family, the girl does not have to work and it is said that she should education get enough to be able to train the children easily.

When I was 18 years old, my wife was studying and her mind was to study up to the sixth standard, but I fought with her and got matriculation and she also did matriculation respecting my wish, but she loved to study. was

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