I have never been to anti-America Europe, former PM Imran Khan.

Seech in his Imran Khan said that America was in the habit of giving orders and people here saluted it. Unfortunately, Americans have got in the habit of giving orders to obey.

Ex PM said that Pervez Musharraf could not withstand the pressure of US threat and made the country a part of US war. Pakistan paid the heaviest price for participating in US war on terror.

Imran Khan said that even if the coalition forces were mobilized, their deaths were not as high as those of our forces.

PTI chairman said that what is the use of the US to meet the people of our party who were not happy with us. US Under Secretary Donald Lew threatened the Pakistani ambassador.

Imran Khan said that America conspired against the government of Pakistan which was succeeded by Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq of Pakistan. We were removed from the government by tying our hands and then the most corrupt mafia was imposed on the country.

Ik said that if the country is to be destroyed then thieves should be brought to the country. If Pakistan took over then the country’s bank was bankrupt. I went abroad and asked for money.

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