I ask the courts before you
The country in front is collapsing. What are you doing?

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, addressing a large public gathering in Sialkot, said, “I humbly ask my judiciary that I was very dangerous and I do not know who was going to betray the country that you open the courts at 12 o’clock at night.” But those who have been forced to do this with their corruption cases.

It may happen somewhere in the world. The country is collapsing in front of you. What are you doing?

I tell the courts that if you do not catch these big thieves then open the doors of the prisons. Even a combination of theft would be less than the 4 4 ​​billion corruption of a peon. Anyone who investigates mafia cases is pressured and killed.

After the death of Dr. Rizwan, another officer had a heart attack. Where are my courts?

In his address, he said that Nawaz Sharif never did anything honestly in his life. When he was playing cricket, his umpire stood up. He did business honestly and did not fight the election honestly. Nawaz Sharif never told the truth. He suffocated and ran out and this time he said that I am very sick, I am about to die and after drama he went to London. I don’t know if he will be able to climb the stairs or not, but seeing the plane, he became excited and when the wind started blowing in London, all the diseases disappeared.

“During my three-and-a-half-year rule, I tried my best to punish the perpetrators of corruption for 30 years, but those who hold important positions in this country do not consider corruption bad,” he said. They do not consider the corruption of elders as bad. They have accepted that big people do corruption but no one can catch them.

He said that if the nation does not come out with me then Pakistan will be destroyed. We worship one God and seek help from him. We do not bow before any human being or super power. We are a proud nation. We are a proud nation. After Tehreek-e-Pakistan, this is the second largest movement.

Criticizing Khawaja Asif, he said that Khawaja Vanity Letter says Pakistan is on Vanity Letter, America needs Khawaja Vanity Letter. Your party and PPP have ruled the country for 30 years. There is a cherry blossom which says that a beggar can never run his own affairs. Pakistanis including me do not accept slavery in America.