I also thank and pay homage to the people for voting.

Imran Khan said that the way the people of Punjab have come out to bounce, I also thank and pay homage. The time has come that we all should thank Allah because the people have understood their testament.

Imran Khan said that during my crusade in the Punjab by- choices, I told my nation only one thing that the meaning of Pakistan and Tera Mera Rishta Kya la ilaha ila Allah this is the testament of Pakistan.

He said that La ilaha ila Allah Muhammad Rasoolullah is the name of a gospel, the day we understand it, we will understand our testament, the day we understand the testament, also this nation will come great, a nation can not come a people without an testament. It’s crowded.

As an imported government was assessed on us under foreign conspiracy, people started asking that Quaid-e-Azam had freed us from the slavery of Hindus, so we aren’t ready to be enslaved by anyone differently, the way these people were assessed on us. I’m happy to see knowledge and mindfulness in my nation because we’re going to come a nation by the grace of Allah.

The president of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf said that when we come a nation, all the problems including debts will start to be answered. Why are the nobility of the country buying apartments outside the country? People don’t trust Pakistan.

Ex PM said that you have ever heard that Britain France or Europe keep their plutocrat out of the country and make their children citizens of other countries. There are Eids, leaves, everything is celebrated outdoors, treatments are done shopping outdoors, such a nation can not come.

Ik said that I see the awakening in the nation, the way Quaid-e-Azam fought lifelessly despite his bad health and didn’t let the croakers.
know that he was sick so that the opponents would not know about similar offerings. A country is formed from

Nation should be proud that the way the people came out and the way the women came out and the youth came out, this is New Pakistan.

An artificial political extremity was created when our government was in power. According to the profitable assessment of Pakistan, after 17 times, Pakistan’s frugality has grown the most in the last two times of our government. The growth rate was5.6 in the third time and 6 in the fourth time., all profitable indicators of the country were better.

He said that the biggest thing is assiduity. When big diligence develop, levies increase, the wealth of the country increases. In our period, large- scale manufacturing was growing at a record position. A record of 4 crops was produced in two times. Farmers didn’t get as important plutocrat for times as they got in our time.

The sugarcane growers didn’t indeed get the full rate of 180 rupees and the plutocrat was entered in one time.

Assiduity and husbandry were going well, all the records were broken in the cloth sector, the cloth sector wasn’t getting workers in Faisalabad.

Future of the country is related to technology. We gave impulses to the IT sector, due to which IT exports increased in two times. We were on the right track.