Husband’s ex-wife accused me of breaking the house.

Famous actress Ghana Ali in a recent interview talked about her career and being criticized by her husband’s ex-wife after marriage.

Ghana Ali said that I was already prepared that people would say that I broke a house but that is not the case. My husband’s ex-wife knew everything. She and my husband were not happy together, so they both Divorced and after that we got married and that lady knew everything about it beforehand.

He said that after the announcement of our marriage, I don’t know why he did this, why he accused me of breaking the house, I was shocked to see and hear all this, I was also told that he had committed suicide. But was silent because I know it can be a bit difficult for anyone to admit all this.

The actress repeated her husband’s words and said that my husband tells me that such a reaction is understandable when the husband and wife are happy with each other, but when you know that both are not happy with each other, not together. If you want to stay and also know that something like this can happen, then such a reaction is unreasonable.

Ghana Ali said that my husband has supported me a lot in difficult times. My husband is a very civilized man and I want my daughter to have the same husband.

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