Humayun Saeed is not only a good actor but also a very good and moral person.

Acknowledgment of fellow actresses who worked with Humayun Saeed.

Actresses Ayesha Umar, Iman Ali, Sonia and Sara were present in the program, the host Nida Yasir first tried to ask Humayun Saeed for his thoughts on the actresses, to which he answered about all of them in turn.

Humayun Saeed said that Ayesha Umar never harms anyone and she has good friendship with everyone in the industry and if we talk about Sonia, Sonia’s best quality is that she is very happy to do whatever she is asked to do. Complies with the rules.

Talking about model and actress Iman Ali, Humayun Saeed clearly said that she is a mouth-watering girl but it is good for her because what is in her heart is what is on her tongue.

Humayun said about Sara that she has all the qualities that a good person should have, she never gets tired of doing this work no matter how much shooting she does.

Host Nida Yasir now asked these actresses this question to know their thoughts on Humayun Saeed, to which Sonia replied that Humayun Saeed handles any situation well during work, I have never seen him angry. .

Iman Ali said that this is a very polite and hospitable person, whenever he is needed, he and his wife behave with great respect and ethics.

Ayesha Umar said that Humayun cares a lot about the people around him and does not talk here and there, keeps things secret and is also funny.

Sarah said that I have only worked with Humayun in the drama, but as much as I know, he is a very good person.

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