How to earn money from Google Adsense.

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Google Adsense is a platform from which you can earn money by monetizing your channel website or app through advertisements.

When your channel is website or monetized, ads start running on your monetized platform ie channel etc.

You are given a small amount of money when running, and when an ad is clicked on your website app or channel in Pakistan.

Then you are given a few cents
The unit of dollar is called cent, like the unit of rupee in Pakistan is a paisa.

For example, you get 0.02$ on one click. The amount you get on one click is called CPC rate.

If a click is made by someone in a country with a strong currency and economy, they get more money
For example, if you calculate, at this time the rate of the American dollar is 283, which means that Pakistan is behind 283 times economically.

How much money does Google Adsense pay for how many views?

If American views get you 1000 views and from Pakistan you get 283000 views then both of them earn almost equal.
Similarly you can predict the rest of the countries i.e. by their currency rate and economy
The second thing is how much rupees the advertisement has cost, what is the budget for the keyword, this is a little long thing, I will write a separate post on it.

How to get Google AdSense PIN?
When you have ten dollars in your Google AdSense account, you will see a notice show at the top of the screen that says Verify yourself.
This means that they are asking you for clear photos of both sides of your ID card or driving license and your address.
A pin ie code number is sent to you on this address which code you have to put in your AdSense account only then your account can be verified.

After you submit your ID card number and address then after some time or 24 to 48 hours you get an email that the PIN has been sent to you.
Now, if you live in a big city, town, etc., the pin comes quickly.

Fast means within 13 to a month and if you live in a small town or a place where there is no post office or is far away, your pin may not arrive for up to three months.
And sometimes it doesn’t come at all
Meanwhile, Google gives you the option to ask for PIN four times.

Which is automatically turned on every four weeks if the pin is not received, in this way, when your pin is not received four times, Google closes the ads on your website and shows a new notice to verify your address, otherwise the ads will not run.
In such a case, you have two options, wait for the PIN or verify it online. When a month has passed since your last PIN application, you can do online address verification.

From which you can send your payment to your bank.

When is Google AdSense Payment Released?

If you have completed $100 from January 1 to January 31, they go into your balance.

After going to balance, if your PIN has arrived and your account PIN has been verified, Google asks you to add a bank account.

When does the Google AdSense payment arrive in the bank?

After doing the bank add, your payment is released on February 21st at 12 pm and between 24th and 1st it reaches your bank, it can come before that and it can also be late.

Lateness is due to public bank holidays or weekly holidays
That is, Friday, half day, Saturday and Sunday, these three days are almost complete holiday
Google Adsense tells you that your payment will arrive in your account in four to seven working business days.

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