How to earn from YouTube.

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At this time, almost every other person wants to know how to earn money from YouTube. Now everyone has got the knowledge about how to earn dollars by creating a YouTube channel, but still there are some misconceptions in their minds. According to, perhaps by creating a channel and downloading videos of others and uploading them to our channel, we also get dollars, while this is not the case at all. Six years ago, the method used to be that we took videos of anyone and uploaded them to our channel. You used to earn dollars from YouTube, but this is not the case now, if you want to earn dollars from YouTube, you have to make your own videos and upload them to your channel, then you can go and earn dollars.

When do the dollars come from YouTube?

Just creating a channel on YouTube does not start raining dollars, but you have to work hard for it, then you can go and earn dollars from YouTube. To earn dollars from YouTube, you have to join the YouTube partner program, which we call YouTube. To join this program called monetization, YouTubers have set a target that you create a YouTube channel and upload your videos on it, and when your videos reach 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers on your channel, then you The channel can apply for the YouTube Monetization Program and YouTube will see if the target is met in 365 days.

So YouTube joins you in monetization program and starts running YouTube ads on your videos and then your earning starts.

How to complete YouTube watch time?

If you make your own videos, find topics that people are searching for or like to watch, make your videos on those topics and upload them to YouTube. More and more views and your 4000 hours watch time will be completed soon. Also you should follow trending topic and make trending videos and this will also get views on your videos and your videos will go viral. There are many chances that your watch time can be completed in days.

You can see the trending topics from Twitter or you can also see from Google Trends and also you can go to the trending button of YouTube and from there you will know what people watch the most. Well, follow my advice. So I would suggest you to make videos in entertainment category because entertainment videos are also more viral and people watch more and more, if your one video goes viral then your watch time will be completed in days.

This is an introductory post, in the next post we will talk about the YouTube algorithm, how with the help of the YouTube algorithm, the channel can become viral on YouTube in a few days and the income can start from the first month, which is a must read in the next post. .